We accept membership applications throughout the year. As a prospective member, you need to be sponsored by an existing member. If you do not know any current members, we are happy to make introductions on your behalf and support you through the application process.

Please review our eligibility requirements before applying.
Ends on December 31, 2019$345.00

At the time of your application, you are expected to pay an initiation fee of $150, plus annual dues of $195.  
Thank you for your interest in joining Financial Women of San Francisco. 

To help you decide if membership is right for you, require that you:

  1. [Required] Attend at least one FWSF event before applying. Check out our list of upcoming events.
  2. [Required] Be sponsored by a current member. If you don't know any members, we encourage you to attend a few FWSF events as a guest. That’s the easiest way to meet some members and find a sponsor. If you need help in finding a sponsor, please contact one of the FWSF Membership co-chairs listed here.
  3. [Optional] Attend an optional "Get to know FWSF" coffee. These informal coffees for new and prospective members are the perfect place to ask questions, learn about our organization, and figure out how to make the most of your membership. To learn more please contact one of the FWSF Membership co-chairs listed here.

Membership Requirements

Active Member

  1. Be employed by a financial services firm or in a clearly defined financial position based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  2. Have a graduate degree and at least two years of experience in one or more financial positions OR have an undergraduate degree plus at least four years of experience in one or more financial positions.

If you fulfill these criteria but are on a leave-of-absence from a financial position, you are still eligible to become an active member if you are not working outside of the finance industry.

Affiliate Member
If you don't meet all the requirements of an active member, you may apply to become an affiliate member. You will enjoy most of the same privileges as active members, except that you will not be eligible to vote or hold board positions.
Women who have retired and do not plan to return to work, have changed jobs and now work outside the Bay Area, or do not have the requisite education or work experience often opt to become affiliates.

If your membership has lapsed for any reason and you wish to rejoin, simply contact us to let us know your intention. There’s no need to fill out a new application. Note: We do request that you pay the initiation fee and annual dues.

Fees:  At the time of your application, you are required to pay a $150 initiation fee and one year of membership dues ($195) for a total of $345.  

To start your application, click on the "Submit" button below. 

Financial Women of San Francisco