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Financial Women of San Francisco (FWSF) scholarships encourage leadership and provide opportunities for San Francisco Bay Area women pursuing a degree in the fields of accounting, finance and/or the financial services industry. Affiliation with FWSF provides the opportunity to meet potential mentors and network with successful finance professionals while attending both educational and socially-oriented programs.

FWSF awards $15,000 to Graduate Students and $10,000 to Undergraduate Students.


  • Female students enrolled either at  
1) The main physical campus of a Bay Area college or university; or
 2) If not attending the main campus of your school, be enrolled and attending a school satellite campus located within 1 of the 9 Bay Area counties and taking at least eighty percent (80%) of classes at a satellite campus
  • Applicants must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or equivalent
  • Full-time and part-time students are welcome to apply
  • Non-US Citizens are also eligible to apply

Additional criteria provided on our website:


Selection Criteria

  • Leadership skills, both academic and community
  • Strong communication skills
  • Alignment with FWSF goals
  • Demonstrated volunteerism
  • Financial need

Before completing your application, please review the application here:



1. Review the Eligibility Requirements before submitting the application.

2. Assemble the following documents (in electronic format) before submitting the application:

  i. A resume summarizing past and present employment, extracurricular activities and honors or other recognition received as an undergraduate or graduate student. Include descriptions of your leadership skills and memberships in organizations, both professional and social. Please include special activities, sports, committees and community activities in which you have participated. Please be specific in describing your roles and accomplishments.

  ii. An essay of no more than 750 words addressing the following:

  • The area of business you expect to study and your reason for choosing this field;
  • How your business education fits your life/career goals;
  • How your goals and FWSF goals align including how FWSF's mission of supporting women with careers in finance will help you achieve those goals; 
  • Why you believe you deserve this scholarship (obstacles overcome, achievements and any other)

iii. A complete unofficial transcript from your current and any other prior university or college, and your undergraduate transcript if you are entering a graduate program, and;

  iv. A current photo. This photo will be attached to your application and used during interviews to connect names with faces. In the event that you are selected to be a scholarship recipient, this photo will be posted on our website as part of an announcement. Please submit a photo that represents you in a professional way — we do not recommend using a casual or candid photo.

  v. Two letters of recommendation. The letters are a part of your application submittal and must be included no later than March 21, 11:59 p.m. We strongly suggest that you partner with your recommenders at the beginning of the scholarship cycle to provide assurance that the letters can be uploaded promptly and in advance of the deadline. Note that for recommenders uploading the letters themselves, you will need to submit your application before they can upload the letters. Therefore, you will need to complete your application in advance of the deadline so they have enough time to upload the letters by the deadline; be sure to coordinate.

  You may want to refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

3. Complete the application below, including uploading supporting documents.

  As you complete your application you will have an opportunity to upload the required supporting documents. All documents will need to be provided in electronic format and your application cannot be completed without providing the required supporting documents. Also, review how we would like your bio written.

  NOTE: You can save your application and return to finish it later.


March 21, 2024, 11:59 p.m. PST.

No exceptions will be made regarding the deadline.

  If you have questions please call us at (415) 586-8599 or email: info@financialwomensf.org.


Below are our tips and suggestions for conducting a successful interview with our Scholarship interviewing team:  

  1) Basic interviewing tips for success:

  • Dress appropriately; as though for a job interview (business attire).
  • Consider the style of speaking/delivery. Avoid using fillers such as ‘like’ and ‘um.’
  • Turn off and put away cell phones in the interview.
  • Answer questions directly, expand with examples.
  • Use good posture and body language. Do not swing around in swivel chairs.
  • Be professional in attire and demeanor.
  • Maintain eye contact with the interviewer and the general group. Look the interviewer in the eye while responding to questions.

2) Emphasize leadership and career. Be able to articulate your current path and passion. Be able to discuss short and long-term goals and plans to achieve them.

  3) Gain a solid understanding of FWSF by visiting the website, talking to members, etc. Refrain from asking the interviewers to tell you about FWSF as one of your questions at the end.

  4) Use the time in the interview to expand on your personal experiences from your essay.

  5) Speak positively about accomplishments, avoid being bashful about your achievements, and assume the interviewers know nothing about you.

  6) Exhibit maturity – candidates can almost talk themselves out of a scholarship by saying too much.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.