FWSF Members Are Great Candidates!

47% are owners, executives or senior management
57% have a master’s or doctorate degree
68% have professional certifications/licenses
92% joined FWSF for networking opportunities, including job leads

FWSF Job Posting Guidelines

Listings must follow the format outlined below.
  • Listing may be edited to comply with the required format or may be shortened. Listings are not reviewed with the listing party after they have been edited.
  • Please note that the average compensation of FWSF members is in the lower six-figure range. Jobs will only be listed if the compensation is in excess of $90,000.
  • Job listings should include the name of the company (the Search Firm's or the corporation's) and dollar compensation. Listings submitted without this information will not be considered for publication.
  • Listings must include contact information for the hiring manager or recruiter. 
  • We provide an opportunity to submit a URL link to the complete job description and/or application online. We also provide the means to upload the job posting in PDF format. 
  • Any listing for an out of state/non-Bay Area position should clearly state the geographic location.
  • Listings are automatically removed after three months. The lister may email an extension request and a listing can be removed if the position is filled.
  • Listings are run at the sole discretion of the Board of the FWSF.
There is a NO FEE to place a listing in FWSF Career Corner. 
We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.